Thursday, September 20, 2007

O-Ring Size

People have asked what size the O-Rings are on the new tools. They are #109 on the O Ring size chart and measure 3/32" wall, ID 5/16", OD 1/2". I'm using the standard black Buna-N type but almost any of the materials available would work.

The Glow in the Dark style are usually made of silicone which is much stretchier. So would probably require a smaller size with thicker wall to produce the same degree of tensile stength. If someone figures out a size and source for good GID O-Rings that fit I'd like to know about it. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

The smallest size glowring Lighthound sells can be doubled up to replace the middle o-ring without a problem. Because there are two, this doesn't work for the third o-ring and weakens the wrench effect, but it's absolutely fine for the middle one--same tension to hold the bit in place. Had this in place on both my BugBite and Crawdaddy for almost two weeks with no issues.


BigEd said...

...I have these O-rings

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, any chance you're going to do some O-ring-style prybaby? I'm a hard core prybaby fan!!


Peter Atwood said...

Joe, I am thinking about such a tool. Might do it, might not, not sure yet. In some ways it is better not to mess with the Prybaby....although that said, the recent wrench shape is probably here to stay.

Adrian said...

Any chance you could do a "Mini Son of PryThing" with the O-ring thing?That would be one heck of a tool, and you've got at least one buyer lined up!

Unknown said...

Just to confirm and expand what Josh said eariler, the 7/16" GITD O-Rings from Lighthound work when doubled up. They're small enough that two can be held in one groove, so you can use two doubled o-rings in the three grooves, the middle one holding one section of both rings.

This gives a nifty XX pattern on one side, and only seems to lessen the holding effect on the bit slightly. I believe that these will wear considerably faster than the standard rings, however, both because they are stretched more and because the material seems less resilient.

This works equally well on the standard and the slightly thinner Ti BottleBugs.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen an "in stock" item on your web site this year.