Friday, April 20, 2007

We Span Econo

I was never a big Minutemen fan back in the 80's but I do love the play on words from the title of the new documentary of their music "We Jam Econo". :)

I thought a few of these might be kind of fun. They measure only .050" in thickness so they are super light and they fit the spanner slots absolutely like a glove on the Strider folding knives. The screwdriver tip on the butt or on the front can be used as a light weight prytool and scraper but more inportantly can also be used to adjust Emerson and Hinderer pivots. And they open bottles and they are made of TITANIUM! :D

Obviously there isn't the complexity of a regular Prybaby with spanner here so these will be priced accordingly, hence the econo part. I'm thinking they will be about $25. Will have a few done later this weekend. Finishes will be plain bead blast and bead blast with anodizing, solid colors only.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter! I went to a screening "We Jam Econo" which was pretty good I thought. It was a while ago in San Pedro, CA!

Anyways love my SonOfPryThing!


Anonymous said...

Nice! A simulair edition of the keychain prybaby would be very welcome!