Friday, April 20, 2007

And There's More!

There's just a ton of stuff in process right now. Prybabies, Mini Prybabies, Mini Keytons and a few other models will be back in stock mid week next week. I am heat treating this weekend and fooling around with new stonewash finishes. Tumbling is just way cool especially on these sorts of small tools and tool knives and I'm slowly learning more about it.

Speaking of Stonewash finishes on knives...The new 5/32" thick CPM 154 Skeeters are here. :) I'm working on sheaths right now for them and will get these up on the site sometime this weekend. I've got at least a portion of them with stonewash finish and the rest will be my usual antique satin. A variety of cord colors will be available. These are ground on both sides for a change so the V Grind enthusiasts should be happy. I've been carrying one for the past few days and am just tickled with it. A very handy little piece and at 3 1/8" long it's only a hair longer than the Mini Son of PryThing.

Sorry for the fuzzy pics, I'll pay more attention next time! :D

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