Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Wharncliffes

I'm having a lot of fun with these two new pieces!

The CPMS30v Wharncliffe Booger is really cute on the keychain and makes for a very practical small blade. Wear it around the neck and it just about disappears under your shirt. I will be appropriating one for myself I think. :)

The CPM 3v Wharncliffe Scout makes for a slightly larger package but it is even more useful as a utility blade. Nice EDC piece for a belt or as a low profile neck knife.


TreeFiddy said...

Lookin good Peter, that scout looks like quite the neck knife.
Also, the booger looks a lot different than I expected.

Stillphotog said...

Yeah I'd have to agree with tree on it looking different than I thought it would be. More the traditional rounded top to the wharny...but this is the city of Atwood, things do come out at different angles..

loveit said...

Both look really cool! It's so much fun to see what comes next. The variety of these small tools is amazing! Great work Peter!

TreeFiddy said...

It's a bummer the Wharncliffe boogers sold faster than I could buy one. They remind me of a mini utility knife that is extemely durable. Great job Peter!

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I need to get a better photo of these that shows the false edge on top. You can't see it with the current angle and lighting but it is quite pronounced. I do have one wharnie Booger left and there are more in progress as well as drop points and tantos.

Gary W. Graley said...

Very Nice Peter!
Do you also grind them to the other side as well?