Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fan Mail

I have gotten some very cool letters over the years. Lots of fine folks have taken a moment to thank me for my tools and service. I appreciate everyone who takes time to send me a note! It really makes my day when I know that my gear has arrived safely and that the recipient is enjoying it.

Every once in a while though something comes over the transom that is just too cool for words. Got this today from a good customer who also just happens to be an archaeologist:

"Hello, Peter!

I just returned from Tibet, Mongolia, and Siberia on Tuesday and thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how much good use I've gotten out of the tools you provided. The whistles were especially helpful in keeping track of one another in deep canyons and the knife was constantly on my hip all summer...I used it for everything from cutting rope to skinning a sheep and it works just great. Of course, I'm now unable to function without a PryBaby on my person, so I'm looking forward anxiously to having one in Damascus some day...
Anyway, thanks for all your great work, Peter!"

That was definitely the letter of the week! :)

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