Friday, August 11, 2023

Zircuti MikroSpikes!

Hi Folks,

Heading into a slightly muggy weekend here. This summer has been a wild one that's for sure, bouncing between cool temps, drought, smoky skies, and now frequent rains. At least I have my first decent large tomatoes in a couple of years, which are currently finishing their ripening on the kitchen counter.

Not too much to report on the project front, but I will have some misc small sales coming up next week for sure. New Mini Ti Wedgies are almost done with the milling, so those will be coming along pretty soon.

Today I have a very special small batch for you, Zircuti MikroSpikes! These are made of Zirconium/Titanium damascus which is a truly exotic material. It's been a trip to finally work with a good sized quantity of this stuff, and I've been having a lot of fun learning the quirks of shaping and finishing it. It's a little different from ordinary titanium and it requires a number of tricks to get what I want, but the results are so interesting...anyhow, this batch has extra grinds and stamps, as well as anodizing. 

Fancy Zircuti MikroSpikes will run $99 plus shipping and the link is below. This is a tiny initial batch so one per customer on them please...I do plan to make more of these later this year btw, so no worries, this is just the first wavelet of them. And I have several other runs of tools planned for the coming months using similar exotic materials as well...thanks for dropping by today and have a fantastic weekend!

Whew, gone in a flash, thank you everyone! 

****A portion of the sale today will go to the Aloha United Way for the victims of the horrific wildfires in Maui!****


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