Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Titanium Keytons

Hi Everyone,

Well Happy Summer! It's finally feeling more like summer up here in New England. It has been warmer and the humidity has come on suddenly, along with several inches of much needed rain. It will be stormy on and off for the next week probably.

I've been putting in lots of time in the shop recently. I have been playing with new equipment and finishes which are going to be very helpful going forward. Also, numerous projects are getting moved along towards the finish line and I will have lots of cool stuff to bring you over the next couple of months. My puzzle project is well underway and I'm looking forward to revealing that very soon. The MikroSpike project will be coming up next, followed by ti Tombstones, PuzzleTiles, and ti Prybabies.

Today I have a sweet batch of titanium K23 Keytons for you. These are very similar to some of the more recent Keyton designs, and they give me a nice palette for stamps and distressed finish anodizing. There are many interesting combinations here, as well as a couple of plain ones, and a half dozen lefties for anyone who wants to drop me a note. 

Titanium Keytons will run $75 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for checking in today, and hope your week is shaping up to be a great one!

All gone, thank you everyone!


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