Monday, May 22, 2023

Jeweled BabySharks!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a nice weekend! We're finally getting a glorious spring week here with low humidity and comfortable temperatures. This has been a chilly spring for the most part though, with the weather alternating between rainy stretches or no rain at all. But we're finally in the clear for planting I think, after having a frosty overnight low of 27F just last week! Brrr...

I'm barreling along on my projects. Ti Keytons will be coming very soon as I am nearly done grinding them. I have some slightly larger sized ti MikroStiks coming up and those are ready for stamping and final finishes. Other ti tools are about to be milled, and steel tools will be getting cut next week for the summer months  lineup. And sharpening continues with a few more small fixed blades coming up in the next few days as well.

Today I have the final batch of BabySharks to offer you. These are drilled on the front side like the glow dot ones, but have various gem stone inlays! They are stamped on the back side just as the glow dot series was. The gem stones vary but are all pretty cool...there are beautiful garnets, a few opals, couple of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, jade and black MOP. A super cool little addition to these tools and something different for you.

The Jeweled BabySharks will run $195 plus shipping and the link is below. Once again, it is a small batch so one per customer on them please. Thanks for popping by today and I hope your week is starting out great!

Woah, these are all gone, thank you so much folks!


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