Monday, March 20, 2023

Fluted PermaCorks!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Yes indeed, that long awaited day has arrived! As of 5PM today it will officially be spring, my favorite time of year. Can't wait to see the last of Polar Vortexes and nasty snow storms, and I'm really looking forward to seeing some green grass again.

My recent shop cleanups and organizing continues to pay dividends as I uncover more older projects. I will get into the shop for some finishing operations this week and hopefully get some of this stuff done.

Today I have a few dozen PermaCorks that I had completely forgotten about. These are the 6 Flute Aluminum ones with the clear HAIII hardcoat anodizing for that cool Surefire/Military kind of look. 

Bottle openings do vary a bit, but these will fit most beer, wine and liquor bottles. I often will moisten mine under the tap if the fit is on the tight side. Once in a while I find I cannot use them either because the wine bottle is a little too narrow, or sometimes on beer bottles it might be a tiny bit loose. But for the most part they do perform very well. 

PermaCorks will run $45 plus shipping and the link is below. There are a half dozen of the version with black round head and knurling left as well if anyone wants to email me for them. Thanks for dropping in and have a great week ahead folks!

Sold Out, thanks again everyone!


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