Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Titanium Treasure Glass!

Hi Everyone,

We're in the grip of a fierce cold snap lately. It will be below zero f tonight and another substantial snow storm is on the way for the weekend. That's winter in New England for ya! They say it builds character, but I'm telling you, I already have plenty thanks very much.

Well I've been busy on numerous projects as always. I have a few older Spin Coins coming up as well as a batch of Zr MikroStiks with new and larger size. Also still working on the steel Mini Wedgies which are next up on the grinding schedule.

Today I have the remaining Treasure Glass Magnifiers done. These are titanium with gorgeous anodizing! Most of them have two tone coloring effects and they are absolutely stunning. I found myself wishing I could keep many of them but alas, they must go out into the world...

Titanium Treasure Glass Magnifiers will run $75 plus shipping and it is a very limited batch so one per customer please. Thanks for coming around today, and I hope your week is going great.

 Sold out, thank you!  



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