Thursday, September 30, 2021

P20 Mini Prybabies

Hi Everyone,

Well it has cooled down finally with the arrival of Fall. The transition has been rather sudden, and the trees have clearly not gotten the message yet as they are still mostly a sad and forlorn green. Usually the peak of foliage season in New England is in about a week but I have seen very few colors yet and I don't know what is in store this year given the unusual prolonged warmth and record rainfall amounts. We shall see...

I've been catching up on all sorts of projects, and some even involve the shop, hehe...fancy Zr QuickDraws with decorations are getting close to the finish line, and those should be coming in a couple of weeks. I'm still working through the BabySharks and have more sheaths coming soon. Zr R25 ruler tools are being milled right now and will be coming along in a few weeks. Mini Wedgies are now milled and just need grinding before sending to heat treat. S30v Mini Prybabies with milled feature are on the bench now and I have started grinding them. Titanium Medallions are on the bench awaiting stamping.

Today I have the first wave of S30v Mini Prybabies done. This is the 20 year anniversary of the first Prybaby release and if I had known then that I would still be making them today I would have been any rate, this design pays homage to those first simple tools, although I have made some subtle updates. I had a sheet of 5/32" thick S30v steel lying around so I decided to use it up for this run. These little cuties are just 2.5 inches long and feature the original style milled V notch. I made the lanyard opening into a 1/4 hex so it serves double duty and I also gave these tools the original style rear pry tip. They are chunky, robust and very useful. A second group with an added milled design is coming soon as mentioned above.

The P20 Minis are all stamped with a wide variety of my decorative stamps. There are a few lefties if folks want to email me for them. Please note, this steel will have various minor marks, visible grind line remnants and other little surface irregularities. It's next to impossible to get them all out so please expect some character marks on them. The final finish is stonewashed for maximum wearability although I do have a couple of bead blasted ones here too.

P20 Mini Prybabies will run $65 each plus shipping. This is a small batch so it will be one per customer please....the link is below. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you're having a great week!

 These are gone for now, thank you everyone!



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