Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Titanium Small Fry

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm finally back. My computer hard drive decided to die the weekend before Thanksgiving. Arrrgh! It took over a week to have it fixed and get everything working properly again with the network. A total pain in the rear that took many hours to deal with and couldn't have happened at a worse time, but luckily most of my files were recovered and now everything is slowly getting back to normal. Man oh man, in some ways this has not been my year I guess, but hopefully there will be smoother sailing ahead.

I'm happy to report that the projects are moving right along again. I am close to finishing the first of the new Count Sporkulas and also the second Count Sporkula batch as well. A third version, Count Forkula, is also on the way and I just finished a fourth drawing last night. They are really cool and fun so stay tuned... Stamped steel Hangman hooks just came back from heat treat yesterday and so far they look great, will have them packaged up in the next day or two. And in my holiday down time I finished up a few bead batches so a whole bunch of those will be coming on very shortly as well. Also aluminum PermaCorks are almost done and hopefully heading to the platers for HAIII anodizing next week.

More new designs are also underway with a cute new mini pry bar in both steel and ti already cut and awaiting me on the work bench. I have a super cute new steel Mini Prybaby design in both SAE and later in metric that will be happening in January-February time frame. Also a few special small run surprises are ahead that are very different and that I think you will heartily enjoy.

Today I finally have the Small Fry tools without bottle openers finished that I cut way back in January. These are made of the same .200 thick titanium as the previous batch and have a rustic heavily textured raw bar finish on the flats. The main pry end with V notch features deeply milled scalloping on either side for a new and different look and they are slightly longer than the previous design at 3 inches long. An additional small boat tail shaped pry tip is tacked onto the end. The large 7/16 twelve point wrench opening doubles as a lanyard hole or key ring attachment point. I elected to leave these plain, without color anodizing, so they will make great user tools, and they have a smooth buttery finish with slight shine...there are a few lefties among these too.

The Small Fries will run $65 each plus shipping and I'll make it a two per customer limit on them please. The purchase link is below... There are still a handful in the polish tumbler this morning so please just drop me a line if you miss these today as there will be a few more available later this week...also a portion of this sale will be going to the local county survival center so hopefully a few folks won't be going hungry this holiday season. Thanks for dropping by today and I hope everyone is staying warm!

All gone, thank you so much!

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