Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring Updates

Hi Everybody,

Happy Spring! We're still due for a few more weeks of cold weather up here in New England, but the overall trend is starting to warm up. We keep hearing rumors that there is a large yellow ball up in the sky which gives us light and warmth...maybe we will even get to see it someday, haha.

Well, it's been mighty slow going around here lately. Many delays and little setbacks but things are slowly starting to come around. One of the great things about a slow production period is that it gives me time to work on new drawings. I'm happy to report that I have some awesome new stuff in the works, some of which is already underway.

So, coming Spring 2018:

3v steel Metric Crawdaddies (finally!)

CPM 154 RingBabies

17-4ph SS HangMan

Also, a brand new Count Sporkula design is finalized and about to be cut, steel R37 Rulers are on deck for milling, ti Small Fry tools without opener also now ready for milling. New beads including copper, white delrin and Zr mini 5 flute beads are actually running this week so are coming very soon.

And finally, a double batch of new ti BedBugs are also about to be milled and will be on the way in a week or two:


Have a great Easter weekend everyone and stay tuned!


Geoff said...

154 is one of my favorite blade steels. Looking forward to more items in CM154!

Unknown said...

Will the CD have grinds on the nibbles? I've found these to be very useful on my CD 2! Will it be sized like the gen 1's or sl larger gen 2's?

Peter Atwood said...

Not sure yet on how I want to finish grind the Crawdaddies, we shall see. They are about the same size as the Gen 2 Crawdaddies and also thicker.

Art V said...

Nice post Peter!

Unknown said...

YES! I'm in! I've been looking for a CD 2 as a buckup to my current one for years. I've never run across another! I would absolutely love one Peter! It's my most treasured piece and has been carried nearly every day for the last 15 or so years!

Easy Wind said...

Solid report card, Peter! :D
It would be cool if the Crawdaddy had the squared off ends at the open end wrench area.
I feel one will get more of a grip in use and would have a tougher industrial look to it.
My WingNut is squared off and it looks stout on the work bench.
Thanks for sharing the drawings.

John said...

Some great looking tool designs, liking the looks of that Wrunt-like hangman :-)

Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Can't wait. Definitely want a few of these. Hope I'm quick enough to nab one this time.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Peter

Bobby said...

Worst loss I ever had was when my original Hangman wound up in the drink. Cannot wait for a replacement (fingers crossed) without inflated sales site prices. Peter I will be bugging the crap out of you when the Hangman lands!

Jerry said...

Peter the new Hangman looks great. Nicely done ��