Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Area 51 Mini Metric Prybabies

Howdy Folks!

The summer is rolling right along here in the northeast. We finally got a little bit of rain but we're still way behind for the season and the farmers are having a tough time of it. More hot and mostly dry weather is ahead too. It's a tough year if you're making your living from the soil.

I'm expecting those steel Tombstones to come back from heat treat any day now. So with a little luck, in a few days they should be finished up. In the meantime I've been steadily chipping away at other projects. The CPM 3v steel Mini P12 Prybabies are nearly ready to go to heat treat and those will be little gems, teaser pic posted on the Toolbook group.

In other news, the krinkle ti K3 Keytons are on deck for grinding so those will be forthcoming in a week or two. A second krinkle ti project is also started, a new tool in the classic Poltergeist/Ghost tradition, called the TommyKnocker, and those will be happening in mid to late August. I still have a couple of other steel projects coming up that are already started and I need to get them moving along soon, the Bermuda Minis and the steel Gremlins. And I have at least five more steel projects in the works as well including one brand new larger Roid tool which I think will really knock your socks off.

Today I have the remainder of the Mini Metric P15 Prybabies from last fall. I saved these out from the rest of the batch because they had exceptional texture and I wanted to do something extra and fun with them. I decided to give them Area 51 grinds and leave them plain without anodizing for a change. Multiple finishing steps has given them a buttery smooth bright finish and they are gorgeous.

The A51 Mini Metrics will run $75 plus shipping and it's a small batch so one per customer on them please, link is below. Thank you for stopping in today folks and I hope your week (and your summer) is going very well indeed!

These are sold out, thank again everyone!


Geoff said...

Five minutes in and Prybabies still left? People are sleeping late today!

Zag96 said...

These look great. Awesome finish!

Mr.C.Chalmers said...

Are these titanium? I read the post twice and still not sure. Thanks!

Peter Atwood said...

Yes, these were titanium. I believe there might be one left in stock if you want to email me.