Friday, December 19, 2014

Fancy Titanium Atwrenches

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the great sale yesterday.  I was able to raise $1100 for the three local organizations and the donations have been made. Thank you so much and I know that everyone in this area will be very grateful to have those services continue to be available. I may make some further donations as well when I get some time to take a breather from cranking out all these goodies. :)

As I mentioned below, someone at the post office late yesterday afternoon mistakenly set their scan machine wrong and so the tracking is messed up on the packages I sent out yesterday. Don't worry though, this happened once before and everything did reach the recipients in the usual time so no worries! Of course, mail is a bit slow this week due to the holiday volume but I am sure most everything will get there OK and I hope before Christmas for the US bound packages. If anything does go missing beyond a week or so just be patient or email me and we'll see if we can track it down.

Today I have a few Titanium Atwrenches done with fancy Vintage Style Anodizing! These are once again tough to photograph and get the vibrant colors right but you can get the idea I think...multiple textures and multiple anodizing steps make these very special indeed. The colors range from warm gold and orangey copper tones to bright pinks, UV purples, deep electric blues and minty greens. Some of these effects I have never been able to achieve before so I'm stoked for what they portend for future projects as well. I'm definitely keeping a couple for my own collection...

Anyhow, the Fancy Ti Atwrenches are $75 plus shipping and the link is below. I have a limited number of these so will keep to one per customer please. There are a few more on deck but not sure if I can get to them right away so this is all for now...thank you for stopping in today and as always it is much appreciated!

These are Sold Out for now, thank you everyone and have a great weekend!



JHyer said...

Is it possible to come up with a method of sales that doesn't result in your items being sold out in less than 5 minutes to people that use software to monitor your website, buy your items, then mark them up 3x and sell them on eBay?

elphant888 said...

Short answer is: "no"

Hopeful answer is: sometimes Peter does post lottery-style sales, where people who sign up all get an equal shot at the items, monitoring software or not!

And btw, oddly enough, some of us actually buy Atwoods to keep and use them ourselves, and not to put them on the evilBay ;-)

David said...

Just missed this one, been waiting for something just like it for some time. You wouldn't happen to have any extras laying around, would you?

dreadpyrat said...

Out of desperation, I installed monitoring software to track this blog and even with that I cannot get an AtWrench! No matter what I do, when I show up, everything is sold out. :(
No worries, my day will come. :) Happy Holidays Mr. Atwood!

Montana said...

I use monitoring software but only click the buy link when it's something I want. I managed to snag one of these. I'd say I miss the mark about three quarters of the time when it's something I want. It makes the successful ones even more special. I would have been even quicker off the mark if I'd known whether these are metric or standard.

bigcambo said...

I've installed everything but a fly on the wall of the Atwood shop and none of the services are consistently reliable. But then again, my degrees are in Weed Science-yeah really-Mississippi State 97 & 01, not IT. Say your prayers, be specific, smile, mind your manners, and great things happen.

Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to snag one of these. It is my first Atwood tool and it is beautiful. Now I know what all the fuss is about.

I got one that is purple and its beautiful but the copper color one look absolutely amazing. If anyone wants to trade let me know ;) Thanks.