Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rest of the Ti Terminators

Hi Folks,

I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer. It's a dandy one so far here in New England and if we are lucky the lovely weather will continue.

For once, things are going along smoothly here this week. I hope to start working on those ti Atwrenches in a few days. Still waiting on the Shutterbugs which are at heat treat and will probably be there for another week or so. In the meantime I have a little batch of flat ti Keytons coming up...remember those from years ago? A new batch based on the recent Mini Keyton design and with bright anodized colors is coming up shortly. Also, I have gone through and started to make plans for further projects this summer and we'll see what happens, but there should be some really interesting ones depending on what I can get done.

So today I have the remaining titanium Terminators finished. These are plain unanodized like the first batch and they run $30 each plus shipping with a limit of two per customer, just as before. This is a pretty small batch and once they are gone that's it for them as I have no more ti bar stock at the moment. The link to purchase is below and as always, thank you so much for stopping by!

Ti Terminators are sold out, thank you again!


Unknown said...

Just out of curiosity, how many units is a normal size batch? I'd be interested to know how many you make of each item.


Unknown said...

I'm just late by like 30 minutes every time. One day soon I will own an Atwood. Awesome work can't wait to get one

Unknown said...

missed by an hour, I'm getting closer! :)