Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bronze Bitbucket SUSale

Happy Wednesday Folks!

I might have mentioned yesterday that it's really cold here this week. Won't be getting out of the teens for at least couple of days if not for a week or more and below zero at night. Brrrr. This is the Fahrenheit scale I'm talking about here, the only "real" temperature measurement...hehe. :)  

Well today I have a little Sign Up Sale for you. I have two dozen of these pretty #655 bronze Bitbuckets. These will run $60 plus shipping and the link to sign up is below. I will let the sign up run for 30 minutes, so until 2:30 eastern time and then I'll give 3 hours to get back to me after I send out the emails. So if you sign up please make sure to check your email (and spam filter to be safe) in the next few hours.

So, wishing everyone a warm and productive Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

Sign Up is over, emails will be sent shortly...thanks again!

List of Folks Who Signed Up 

Photo shot with new Lomography brass Petzval lens at f2.8 on Canon 5dmkii.


steve p said...

Hey Peter!

How do you like the Petzval lens? worth the money?

btw - love and use my ghost every day on my keychain.

Peter Atwood said...

Steve, the Petzval is a blast! Cool lens, looks really nice and is well built. The effect when shot wide open is very fun. I missed focus a little on this shot but have figured out what I need to do to get more controlled results. :)

steve p said...

awesome! wish I would have caught the kickstarter when the lens was under $400. $600 is a bit rough for a narrow focus (pardon the expression) lens. I'll make do with my mid-60's pentax super Takumar 50/1.4 on my canons. not one gram of usable lens coating. LOL!

did you get the awesome brass or black Petzval?

have you seen the Moment kickstarter?

I love your tools but I also love your product photography, half the fun of visiting your page.

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks Steve! Yes, I got in on the KS for a brass one so not too bad on the pocketbook...I have some idea on how to make this lens more than a one trick pony too, am having some custom apertures shapes made right now. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Peter. I'm still waiting for my black Petzval, anxiously. Would you consider selling a few copies of those custom aperture shapes for us sorry folks without access to metalworking machines? Photos using a keyton-shaped aperture would blow the people's minds on the ToolBook!

Peter Atwood said...

Andrew, email me, I will have a few extras.