Thursday, December 05, 2013

Another Round of Atwrenches

Hi Folks,

It's a cold,  rainy and sleepy afternoon here. I think winter is finally just about upon us despite our best efforts to ignore it. Good day for an Atwrench sale. :) 

Today I have some of the remaining S30v Atwrench batch done. They run $60 each plus shipping and the clickable purchase link is right above the picture. If you don't see the link then that means they are sold out and I have removed the always, thank you very much for your support this year and I truly hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!

This batch is sold out, thank you so much everyone!


sax said...

I finally was able to actually buy one! I feel like I just hit the lotto.

TMedina said...

Score! :D

Hugh Walton said...

I got one!

smrt123 said...

Woohoo, my first successful direct purchase! (Thinking it would never happen, I actually broke down and bought my first ever Atwood on eBay last week).

For the regulars here, how long does it typically take for an Atwood Toolbook join request to get approved? I requested almost a month ago, and while I have been happy to browse the EDC pron and commentary, I'd like to be able to post now!

Mike said...

DOH! Was commuting to work.

Unknown said...

This really sucks, missed again. I guess I'm going to have to make them myself.