Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surprise! Nineteen More...

Hehe, I wouldn't usually do this but I actually did have a total of 79 of these completed so nineteen more folks are going to luck out tonight. :D

72 Droc7683
119 Tindjin
155 Shermanator
182 brian l.
185 vittorio
331 endorian
347 rmfromm
377 Robsterk
519 stldagger
652 Bad13Luck
723 Marcrothe1
729 Jawbox
784 JustinV
806 jwvanvactor
816 ColoradoDO
972 wethera
1007 Seth
1019 amy
1021 alecia

Thanks again folks, emails will go out shortly! :)


sax said...

Congrats all. Bummer that my number was not pulled! If anyone decides they don't want theirs or if more show up out of the woodwork, #607 jsachs is here!

Kemtitec said...

Rats, no luck. To smooth out my feelings I ordered a watch strap from Toshi in London.

Peter Atwood said...

Oh, Toshi...I have a few of his straps. Great leathers.

Unknown said...

Dude - getting one of these is harder than getting into college!

Sleepless in Baltimore said...

Very nice work

Todd said...

Sadly there are already several of these Daci (plural?) up for sale on E-bay at 2-3 times the sales price, but with zero bids so far.