Friday, April 30, 2010

UV Mini BrewDrivers

Howdy everyone,

I hope everyone is having nice weather like we are. It's just gorgeous outside today.

So, I have a couple dozen of these UV anodized Titanium Mini BrewDrivers ready. I also have blue, plain stonewashed, green, gold and a couple of rainbow ones so if you want one of those colors instead just put it in the comments field or email me. These are $65 plus shipping.

UV are sold out, a few stragglers available in green, rose gold and blue though so please email me if you want one. Thank you!


Jerry Chacon said...

UV minis! Hey folks, I've seen 'em. They're great!

Peter, hope your back is doing better and continues toward the mend.

Jerry said...

Big day!

Aaron said...

Those are Sexy.

vegassprky said...

Looks nice but am holding out for Mr. Chubbs or friend to come up!!! Gary :>)

KeenBeam said...

Two posts in one day! This is like Christmas! Nice Colours.

KeenBeam said...

I wonder if the sales are lasting longer because edcforums seems to be down? Usually as soon as a item is available it goes up on edcforums and as soon as I click the link everything is sold out!

^M0rk^ said...

I shall pass on these ones... A pity though... the are beautiful indeed!

Francesco, ITALY

Easy Wind said...

With the mention of a Ti Ghost and Mr. Chubbs in the mix of things plus a new Wroach in pocket (riding with a Stonedwashed Perfbaby w/ Mini Rifle Knurl beads), I need restrain myself from another tool. If the wife sees, yet another Atwood package in the mailbox, there could be trouble!

The UV looks wicked!

...and again to comment on the Wroach: it has quickly become my favorite. Peter, I really like how you opted not to grind the side edge at the prytip and kept it straight,aesthetically it is more pleasing to me.
(see prototype..)

DasRoot said...

Sending you an email now for one, first Atwood!