Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paypal Gift Option

OK, I was originally concerned about the inability to create mailing lables if someone sent me funds via the recently added "gift" option in Paypal. That problem was solved when I learned about a different way to create the labels. However, I talked to my accountant and it seems that I should not accept payments via the gift option because it could be construed by Paypal as a violation of service terms. So, if anyone sends me a payment with the gift option I will be refunding it and contacting them to resend the payment as "goods". It might be anal but I want to stay out of trouble.


Dad said...

Makes sense - probably a good idea, Peter.

handcannonxp said...

Peter, I called Paypal about this. If someone uses the gift tap the transaction is not cover under Paypal insurance..Also 1-2 gift payments ok but but more than that would get your account red flaged. I had some issues about it also. So I called them and the lady I talked to was very helpful. So I have already refunded a few payments from people I did not know. One of them got realy mad, I told them it was for their safty also.. But still got mad and did not reorder the sheath.. Everyone else has been very nice about it.. Hope you had a great weekend now it is time to go back to work...Wade

Pneumothorax said...

Totally makes sense. Its your business. Run it how you need to. Aside from that, trying to use the gift option seems like trying to cheat the system and putting you/your account at risk.

Anonymous said...

Definitely be careful, you can get the holy heck taxed out of you if you don't classify your income correctly either. Any more bladed tools coming soon Peter?

Thanks Tim V

beardy said...

Under the Personal Tab, there is also an option for "Payment owed"

How does that fare?