Friday, August 07, 2009

And the Winners Are:

First of all, wow! I can't believe how many folks signed up for this one, thanks so much for your interest.

OK, the sixteen winners are:

2 Aznridah
11 Dan
25 Code-X
46 CodeNaked
57 KCM1
68 P-Nut
176 StrayLight
178 tonester
199 deedub5853
201 antmelnat
203 BSR
213 longac1
254 Zatchmo55
279 trucklvr2003
296 knifenut

I will send out emails shortly, thanks so much everyone.


Aaron said...

Congrats the winners.

Unknown said...

Congrats to the lucky 16! What a great score. Better luck next time to us losers.

Carrie said...

freakin awesome, thanks peter for that screamin bad ass G3

Brett said...

the economy isn't as bad as the news makes it seem. I would spend 80 bucks on your stuff gladly!

codec said...

Thanks for the auction, it was actually kinda fun :) Congrats to all who won!!

lauriek said...

Indeed, the anticipation of the draw is exciting... Congrats to the winners (lucky buggers!) ;)

Carrie ~Punky Fae Designs said...

Kenny would really like to see a G3 prybaby without the wrench cut out, and perforated in that area instead.

Unknown said...

any clues on when the Wingnuts will be up?

Peter Atwood said...

Not sure yet on the WingNuts. I still have to grind them so probably at least 3 weeks.

Karsten Oelkers said...

Those G3 Prybabies are awesome. Looking forward to the next lotteries, count me in mate!