Monday, June 15, 2009


This is a BigShot variant featuring a series of eight decorative divots and pinstripes. I only made a few dozen of these. It's possible I could make more but it's more likely that I'll be changing over to an all new design this summer.

Sold Out, thanks!


^M0rk^ said...

I think I shall pass on this one... although I am tempted... Just waiting for a metric WingNut :D

Francesco, ITALY

Daniel said...

Like the new design, Peter!
Great little "evolution" to the very impressive Bigshot!

phoenix stu said...

I sure do like that Peter. I only wish I had the spare to get one of those right now. Great work Peter!!!

Will definitely be in on your smaller version batch though.

DB said...

Nice finishing touch to the BigShot! I'm with Stu, I'll have to pass on this one as I'm excited to grab the smaller versions.

timdog68 said...

Great,I was trying hard not to buy a big shot and waiting patiently for a G3 prybaby.
Now you sent me over the edge:0
Two of these full of Rum into the blender will be perfect for summer:)
Plus I fell in love with the 3oz glasses at the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston.

jsmitty1967 said...

Dang it! I go out of town for one minute and miss a sale. Congrats to the lucky few!

Unknown said...

Got one! Now I may have to sell a few of my regular BigShots to have enough for the WingNut....Peter, I know a few people have asked, but do you have a price point for the WingNuts yet?

Easy Wind said...

I need to know. Have you been shooting your upcomming tools using a new camera? The pics are stellar!

Peter Atwood said...

Thank you for noticing! Yes, I have upgraded my camera recently to a new Canon 500D Rebel X1i. One reason it's been a little slow the past few weeks is I am totally engulfed teaching myself photography. :) What an incredible new toy, er, tool. :P

Rick said...

You've always taken good pics, but the latest ones with the cool reflective background are amazing.

It's already difficult to pass up buying one of your tools and these new pics make them look even more inviting!

timdog68 said...

Wow even the awesome pictures don't do it justice.
Just got mine in and the finish is great.
I was laughing like a fool when the dice came tumbling out.
Nice unexpected touch Peter!