Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quick Update

I'm sick as a dog today with a cold. No energy, although my nose isn't as bad as it was yesterday. So probably this week will be a little slower than the past week...

On a positive note, next group of BigShots are heading to the passivators today and so probably by the end of the week I will resume going down the list and sending out emails. They will be running more BigShots all this week so I expect the wave to continue through next week. Hopefully we will make substantial progress in getting through the list.

Some of the SuperBugs will be ready later this week.


Unknown said...

Can't wait to drink from those :D :D :D

Francesco, ITALY

enki said...

I hope you get better soon Peter!

Received my MicroSpud today, what a beautiful piece! it fits the MP Triad middle pouch perfectly, exactly as I tought it would :D

little offtopic; any eta on the Ti keyfobs you mentioned?

Ryan said...

No more drinking rootbeer out in the cold for you!

jodj said...

Get well soon, Peter.

- Joel

phoenix stu said...

Hope you get feeling better Peter!!

eman said...

Feel Better!

best wishes

John E. (e-man)

Belush 2 said...


Thanks for the update!

Sorry to hear you are under the weather!

We all know you are working hard & burning the candle at both ends to get things done for us!

Take a little time for yourself, have an apple, or put the lime in the coconut.

When you feel better put a little margarittaville in a half dozen BigShots and get some funk!

Get Well Soon!

mbacolo said...

Feel better Peter

Peter said...

Hi Peter,

get well soon! We all love your stuff, but resting and getting well is more important.

Best wishes from Germany

PS MicroSpud arrived today, super tool!

JD said...

I've recently became aware of your gorgeous creations and am patiently waiting for the chance to acquire one, two, three....

Get well soon.

Jem said...

Get well soon Peter.


gern_blanston said...

Get better, Man. Thanks for the update.
Is it kinda' weird having a couple hundred people hanging on your every word? It's sorta' like we're all stalking you.
But in a good way (?!?) :)

Anonymous said...

I suppose you deserve a break ;)

Irrigate that nose! Thats my unprofessional medical advice. Nothing I found works better for congestion, even when I had a serious sinus infection and Antibiotics wouldnt work.

Thanks for being a trooper and feeding the crowd.

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Hi Peter,

Kenny from the machine shop here. Yeah the lathe guys are running the "Big Shots". I hope they're done soon. They make an ear piercing harmonic when hogging out the inside diameters. Although it was a little better today, or maybe I'm deaf to that frequency now.

Get well

Rick said...

Get well soon Peter!

To Kenn - the machining on the BigShots is incredible! Thanks for knocking them out for us!

HighSpeedTROUBLE said...

Here is what he's talking about, Peter.

Hope you feel better soon! WE NEED YOU!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better

jsmitty1967 said...

I got mt Ti ruler today and it is awsome! Such a useful thing to have handy. It's no wonder why everybody wants one. Thanks for your hard work. Hope you are feeling better!

Heath said...

Get well soon.

David C. Mocarsky said...

Get well soon Peter.