Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alright, here they are:

5 HoopleHead - the Grail!
51 Hurbert@1st
100 jmoh
121 bombarder defuser
183 olds442lover
187 atomu
211 yoyo
213 clearytja
227 MamaC

Thank you folks! I will send emails out to the winners right now. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.


phoenix stu said...

oh well. better luck next time. :)

congratulations to all of the winners

Matt said...

Damn, congrats to all of the winners.

I have yet to win a lottery and I've entered all of them. : (

batalarms said...

Congrats folks.Enjoy.G'nite from warm south Florida ;}

Joel Wayne said...

My Girlfriend won! First time she ever won ANYTHING! I was hoping she'd lay the thing on ME, but she saw the pic and was hooked, so I'll have to hope she'll let me touch it once in a while...

Matt said...

Are there going to be any more of these Peter?

I've always wanted a DLC MSOPThing!

Peter Atwood said...

Matt, there is still a small number to finish and then they are going to be all gone. Gotta do the sheaths though and I have a lot of projects going on all at once.

Matt said...

Thanks for the quick response Peter! So there is still hope!!

Unknown said...

Peter why are you being selfish and produce such a small amount of itmes when there is such a great demand for them?
Why don't you contant Spyderco or Benchmade or any top cutlery producers and have them make a run of your top designs? That way you can offer the same product - for a cheaper price (scale economy principle) and you can meet the demand...
Not a rant, just a friendly suggestion from a fan of your work!

Good luck!

Peter Atwood said...

LOL, well there are about 50 reasons why that has not happened and I cannot get into all of them here. But the biggest reasons are that:

1. The minute I'm not in control of the finishing then the product looks like shit. Companies just will NOT do the level of fit and finish needed to satisfy me.

2. No one has expressed interest in licensing my designs. In fact some prefer to just rip me off. I don't believe anyone will contract out production either as they already have more work than they can handle with their own designs. I will not go overseas either, no way no how, these are AMERICAN made tools. Also, see reason #1.

3. My collectors want new stuff all the time so I tend to keep moving on with new designs. If most people already have a Prybaby for instance why should I spend a lot of time just making batch after batch of something most people already have?

4. I get bored easily and after making 200 of something I'm usually ready to move on.

There are many other reasons but those are kind of the biggest.

phoenix stu said...

I think Peter has a great system. If it ain't broke don't fix it. ;)

Besides, I agree with Peter, the same tool that you want mass produced will just not be an Atwood. It will have lost all meaning in why most of us want his fabulous tools to begin with.

Keep up the great work Peter!!

Matt said...

Well said Peter, I must agree with Peter's answers. There are more and with few production makes them very highly collectible. I have missed out on a lot of things of Peters because the low amount of each item but hey, that's the joy of trying to receive or win a lottery of Peters. If I don't win, I will just try the next time.

And I must agree with Peter specifically with manufacturers turn out products that do in fact look like shit.

Thanks Peter!

Exit14a said...

Would you rather enjoy the taste of: a fine microbrew or a flat,warm, piss-like, Meister Brau?
A gourmet meal that took hours of preparation or a microwave TV dinner?
It's all about the details and Peter is mindful of every one of them.
That said, where are the rulers!?!?!

benny206 said...

Nice response Peter -- I am a new, recently-turned-on-to-your-work, fan (mainly the design aspect) and can't believe you still have to field almost daily questions about how to buy your items, or why you don't mass produce. Amazing! I guess there are still a ton of people out there who don't realize just how far mass production has gone in our world today -- personal craftsmanship and uniqueness is generally what drives people to consider something a work of quality or genius. A Stratavarius (sp?) violin, a Dali or Picasso painting, even some beers or wines, could never be mass produced and still meet the original quality (as much as some artists and copyright holders may eventually push the limits)...

It's kind of funny you even have to answer that any more, if someone is somehow stumbling on to your products.

Most recently, I found a similar method to your style of 'production control' with a certain small music label I like, who puts out only limited supply of their songs on 12" vinyl. When I wrote them about it, they said it was intentional because they viewed their music as 'art' and even though they could make more, and they do want as many people to hear their art as possible, there was something about limiting it that helped them better gauge the response to that particular piece of 'art/music'.

Witnessing and understanding the response to something you produced yourself may be more rewarding to an artist than to know you canvassed the area and made sure everyone heard, saw, or bought your work. Blanketing the area with product can reduce the impact of the product's release (or its intended message)...and the creator ultimately dictates what they want out of all that. It all becomes a part of why Mihai wants an Atwood so bad. Me too(!), but I digress.

benny206 said...

Assuming my post gets published....sorry for the length, Peter! I'll stop that...Cheers!

phoenix stu said...

It seems that my post did not make it in. Sorry, Peter if I said something inappropriate. I didn't think I was saying anything that was off beat.

Peter Atwood said...

No Stu, I just missed it. Hard to keep up with them somtimes. :)

phoenix stu said...

Oh, ok. whew. . . I thought I said something out of place. Glad to know all is ok. :D

I have nothing but respect for you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered these great prybars, they were mentioned in a book "Preparedness NOW!" by Aton edwards. I will be purchasing something as soon as it's posted.

Matt said...

Any releases coming up Peter?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the replies Peter! and the rest of the fans too!

Again - I understand an Atwood tool - really I do :) As I said I'm a huge fan, and I have your blog on my homepage.

I was just thinking of choosing 2-3 tool designs (some of the older stuff perhaps) and mass-producing them. That way anyone can buy one of this for a cheap price while waiting for a more exclusive handmade Atwood. The way things are going now - it will get increasingly harder to get your hands on an Atwood - and some of the aftermarket prices are outrageous. This means the demand is huge, and if Atwood won't meet it, someone else (like you said) will rip-off your creative designs and meet that demand... You can always make the first step and contact some knife makers, not all of them are always on the lookout for good knife designers.

By the way the SuperBug Proto looks PERFECT! I'll be waiting for that one!