Thursday, January 10, 2008

Never Get Enough

I'm going to be trying something new this winter. I've decided to make an enormous batch of maybe two or three items. I'm talking huge. Many hundreds, maybe a thousand if I can stand the monotony. I think this might finally allow me to keep just one or two things on the site.

In the past I've tried to make so many things that batches tended to be small. Lately the hard core collectors snap everything up in a short time and many folks never even see the sale. I've enjoyed this immensely for many reasons not the least of which is because with smaller runs I am constantly coming up with new designs and allowing the ones I have to evolve. This keeps things really exciting for me and is immensely gratifying. I think a lot of collectors love it too.

But I think it's time to pick a couple of things from my now huge collection and try to stick with just them for about three or four solid weeks of production time. Not an easy thing for me partly because I have a short attention span and ideas that never seem to stop coming. :)

I also have a constant barrage of emails from established customers asking me what is next and I often feel like I have to keep them happy and make new stuff. I do appreciate that very much but I am feeling the need to take a little time right now and concentrate on the fundamentals.

So I think for a certain period this winter the collectors will have to sit tight because there isn't going to be a lot that will be new and different. Maybe this strategy might also slow down the scalpers who want to buy several of an item and put them on Ebay a couple of weeks later, something that has really irked me.

So, still thinking about what I want to offer...probably will be Bike Tools, some version of my new Nibble or SharkBite, maybe Mini Gasbabies. Of course I have other things that will keep coming in smaller quantities but I'm serious: I want to have enough of a couple of items on the site that people can finally get their fill and leave a few for others.

One thing though, these will NOT be items with sheaths so please don't even ask. The knives are always going to be fairly limited in number, I'm only talking about a couple of tools here.

I'm thinking February might be the time to buckle down and really try to get it done.


Steven said...

Sounds pretty exciting actually. All my friends will finally be able to pick up some stuff as well. I'll miss the hot new item of the week, but I'll also be able to save up some funds for the really special buys.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an excellent idea! Especially for those of us wanna be collectors who have had a hard time purchasing from your website and can't afford the eBay prices or would rather the extra money went directly to the artist.

I am bummed about having to wait for an Atwood Knife. The fixed blades are my favorite and I don't have one yet.

Thanks for making life a little more fun and exciting!

Anonymous said...

Being brand new to your tools, I am excited to hear that some of the basics will be more available for a little while. I am interested in owning two or three models for active daily use. Although I can see why you have collectors out there eager for new models, those of us who haven't bought anything from you before will sure be glad to have an opportunity to buy some of the tried and true items. After that, we will all be ready for something exciting and new. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Peter, glad to see how busy you are! Have you ever entertained the idea of having a production company take over production of a core set of products which allows you to maintain creativity and a level of fun doing the varied, small runs you like to do? Or maybe hiring an apprentice/associate/assistant or a few of them to help out with production of certain products?

DB said...

I'm all in favor of this! Yes, I'm one of those no-so-lucky customers that has missed every single sale for the last 10 months or so, up until the Bermuda Triangle came out. Hopefully your strategy will hinder the scalpers, and hopefully the monotony of large scale production won't drive you crazy. I'll be looking forward to the new stuff on it's way!

Thanks again for such great products!

Captain Cool said...

Wowsers those are some serious words.
Well Sounds Cool man Very Cool,
Keep up the sweet work, you are always appreciated and I will always be a huge huge huge fan.

souptree said...

It's cool, homie! We know you'll take care of us!! :-D

myoho said...

..that's great Peter let all have a chance..

..careful not to turn into a factory though.. the beauty of your tools is the care you've put into them..

Cheers Man!

Min said...

I sincerely appreciate and entirely concur with your policy and I expect it to soothe some of the frustration many of us have been feeling recently. Cheers, mate. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sensible idea. I find that the people I've given your tools to have always found them to be unique to say the least, useful, and just plain fun to play with. Let everyone have a chance to pick up a couple!

stirboo said...


Glad to see you've come up for air. I like the idea of large batches, if only because you'll be able to expand your owner base beyond those with their eyes glued to your site and cursors on the "refresh" button.

Keep up the good work,

HoopleHead said...

sounds like a great idea, that will hopefully make a lot more people. including yourself in the long run!

heres my vote for a Mini G2 Prybaby XL in satin as one of the "mass produced" tools!

as always, many thanks.

griffey said...

The only problem I see is that it will make those of us looking for a specific thing (Son of Prything, or mini son of prything in my case) wait that much longer without hope.

But overall, it sounds great!

Logan said...

sounds like a good idea, we will see how goes. i wouldnt mind being able to get a few more core atwood tools. that would be a good start for my collection.

Anonymous said...

Are you considering Crawdaddies for the quantity production items? They seem very like a very versatile tool. Thanks.

Table Top said...

Don't do it. Don't Post one or two items all the time. I't s the thrill of the hunt. "Be there when it happens" That is the action, that is thrill. It's cool, It's unique it is excellent in every way.

cpodbob said...

i really like this idea alot i like many others have missed every thing that goes on your site and i would live a crawdaddy so please put those in your make alot of list

bzorg said...

Hello ,
you speak about "collectors"
but atwood tools are also everyday "working tools",
aren't they ?
So which is the right way: using or collect them ?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with a used collectable tool? An item that is used has more character and tells its own story. The fact that it is hand made by an artist makes it collectable. An unused Atwood tool seems wrong to me! My vote is to use them!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with a used collectable tool? An item that is used has more character and tells its own story. The fact that it is hand made by an artist makes it collectable. An unused Atwood tool seems wrong to me! My vote is to use them!