Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Keychain Prybaby vs. Original Prybaby

With the recent batch of Keychain Edition Prybabies I have several people write and ask if they received the correct one. I have increased the size of the Keychain Edition Prybaby slightly in this last batch and it is now 10% smaller than the Original, rather than the earlier batches which were 15% smaller.

Thus, the new Keychain Prybaby is 2 7/8" long compared to 3 1/8" long of the Original. It is not a lot but I felt that the first batches were a touch too small and my intention was that I wanted to give people what I feel is the best product that I can make. My apologies if some feel they are not small enough.


Mack Reed said...

Just got my hexbaby and tac whistle today. Both fit nicely on my keyring, which is turning into quite the collection of heavy metal now. (They're splendid tools, thanks, Peter!)

OscarHakr said...

Do you post to Australia? Wondering what prising tool to get... You should ask Victorinox to include modified Prybabys on their Swiss Army Knives... They boast about their new RescueTool, which has a window breaker included (sooo cool) and say that it is really good for rescue workers. A new model could have a prising tool included, that would be great.