Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Swiss Cheesiest

After mulling over these for about a year I finally decided to do a small run of them. These are the full sized Prybabies in the normal 5/32" thickness but I used 154CM this time instead of S30v. I figured that would provide for a little extra stain resistance and also because that's what Crucible happened to have in stock when I called a few weeks ago... :D LOL, it's a great cutlery steel and I have some little knives coming in it as well. First time I've used it but I'm very pleased with the way it grinds so far and heat treat is very similar to what I'm used to.

BTW, did I mention that these bad boys are light? At 26 grams each they are damn near weightless in your hand yet still quite strong. I beat the crap out of one prying on a wooden pallet with no ill effects and with the corner of the forks easily backed out a sheetrock screw in my bench with no deformation. So I'd say they're good to go. ;)


Peter Atwood said...

Thank you for the nice comments, I always appreciate it. :)

New knives will be coming soon, lots in progress.

Jay.Mac said...

Beautiful work. Just discovered your site and I'm hugely impressed- just have to figure out what to buy first now!

Anonymous said...

Nice pieces Peter. Would love to see you do a full size neck knife. Let us know when your new pieces are coming out. We are anxiously awaiting them.

Keep up the good work, it doesnt go unappreciated

Unknown said...

Dang, Just missed these!