Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hey Atwoodites, I need a big favor...

My wife has recently entered her latest novel "The Dark Lord's Heir" in a writing contest sponsored by Borders and Simon and Schuster on It's kind of like American Idol for writers and the winner will have their book published by Simon and Schuster.

What I'm wondering is would some of you be so kind as to go over there and give her a vote? It takes all of 5 minutes and would mean an awful lot to her. And of course I would be forever in your debt. :)

The link to the Novel chapter is HERE

To vote, scroll down to the bottom and select a number where it says "rate this article". You'll then have to register for Gather which is a minor pain, but they don't spam.

Once registered simply go back to the rate area and pick 10. :D

Please vote only once. If people try to vote more they will disqualify her.

Thanks so much folks, really appreciate anyone who will take the time to do this.

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