Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Man with No Butt

That's right, I'm working it right off lately. :) LOL, trying to keep up with all the Christmas requests so I've been a little quiet lately. Have a few new items to post this week and I will as soon as I can snap some pics. I'm looking forward to taking a few days off after Christmas but right now it's strictly all work all the time with a small dose of football in between.

Into the category of failed experiments goes the carbon fiber whistle. We tried to do one this weekend and unfortunately it just disintegrated into a mass of hairy fibers. Oh well. It was the thought that counted! Too bad because the outside was looking pretty good but as soon as we went to bore it, pooof!

I'm still not ready to conceed defeat on the titanium whistle. The outside of the one we tried looked fabulous, better than any of the steel ones in fact. But the boring turned out to be a problem and I think we did not have the proper tooling or feed rates so we stalled out halfway into the piece and fried the bit. I think that can be solved fairly easily though and someday it just might become a reality.

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